Sunday, February 20, 2011

Linda the Loser

"Adam, Im glad you want me to be a stay at home mom..."

Linda The Loser

Unlike her prospering and successful friends, Linda is required to remain at home and serve under her dad's watchful eye until the day her hand is given away in marriage. She feels like such a loser. Who would ever want to marry her? Linda's fears soon subside when she learns that the choice belongs to God and those who lose their life for His sake, find it.

Are you in the same situation as Linda? Do you feel like all your friends are living life, but you are stuck at home?

I wasn't raised in a Christian home, nor did I attend a Christian School. In fact I wasn't saved until I was 18. So growing up in a home that was your "average" "good" home, produced a lot of worldly attitudes into my heart. But as I have grown as a Christian, God has been teaching many things, especially about the value of the (Biblical) Christian home. God has also been teaching me about the kind of home that I want to have.

 No, I havent always valued a stay at home mom like I do now. And at the same time I understand that in some homes having a stay at home mom is just not possible.
One of the greatest women I know wasn't able to be a stay at home mom. She was actually divorced when her kids were in 2nd and 6th grade as a result of some sad circumstances on all parities involved. This lady was up and off to work (5:00 AM) before her kids were up and ready to school, and she didn't get home till about 6pm, why? Because she was working to take care of ME and My brother. Yes I am talking about my mom, and only today as a 28 year  old man can I truly appreciate how much she has sacrificed for me. She is the reason I am in the ministry. She used to tell me "Adam you are my missionary." I had the privilege to have a part in my mom's salvation, and in return because of her love and support she has shared in all the joys and victories I have been able to have with and for the Lord. No matter what, surrender your life to God and he can use you!

Young person God has a plan for you.
 Dont get caught up in the feeling that you are missing out because you are 'stuck' at home and your friends are out working, or at college or able to have loose rules and get to do what they want. I can tell you from my own personal experience that having loose rules only hurts. It allows you to travel down an unsupervised  road of sin. 

If you have loving parents, who love you enough to keep track of you and make sure you are safe, by giving you rules, then stop right now to thank them. Thank them for saving you from many hurtful and regrettable experiences. Those rules might be the very thing that allow you to stay pure, or keep you free from addictions, or set a path for you to follow in the ministry.

See the value in being placed where you are

In the story of Linda the Loser, she is tempted with the very temptations some of you are struggling with. She has friends that are working or off at college and they are telling her of all the "wonderful things she is missing out on". 

Being at home, cooking and cleaning and taking care of your brother's and sisters might seem like a burdensome task, but realize that it is the best training for caring for your own family. Instead of dreading it, look at it like training for your future husband and family. 

Men working at home fixing things, working with dad, working in the fields or factory can be tiresome, but look at it as, the very training you need to care for your future wife and family. See the value in being placed where you are. God knows what he is doing and he knows what you need. God is always more concerned about what you need, then what you 'think' you want. No matter where you are, you have been placed there by God, and God is preparing you for His work.
 Has has placed you in a training course, so learn.

I am so grateful for Samantha and her ability to care for the home, she has worked hard at learning as much as she can about caring for the home and it is showing now. I admire that she is still learning. She has a heart to be the best help meet to me as she possibly can. And that is a treasure that is above rubies.

Ladies learn as much as you can, while you can. If you are not married, then you are still in training, but soon you wont be training you will be in it.

When I worked at HAZMAT there was two sayings on the wall. One was in a conference room that was used when we had a Hazardous Response call and it said, --- "If you are in here, you had better be ready."

The other quote was "When the time to perform has come, the time to prepare has past."

Both of these have helped me in my long term vision for preparing for my family. No im not perfect, and no I dont have everything figured out, but by God's grace I am going to try and be as prepared as I can be. Then once we are married, I am going to make it my goal to keep learning, so that I might be better husband, father, and teacher of God's word.

Do not let Satan fool you into thinking you are missing out.


  1. Thanks for this post... it was very encouraging. I have a few lady friends (professing Christians) who are working and going to college and it's easy to let Satan make me think that I'm "wasting my time" by training to be a keeper at home. But I know what God's calling for me is and I can get more training right here in my home than I would ever get in a college or workplace! I praise God when I see other young men and women who are desiring to be the best they can be, according to scripture, for their future spouses.

    Oh, and I loved the quotes you gave... how fitting! :-D

    May God bless you in your upcoming marriage!

  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment. Samantha and I were very excited to read it and were blessed that we were in some small way an encouragement to you.

    Thank you again!
    Adam and Samantha