The following are good, wholesome fiction books that teach the principles of waiting on God for your spouse (Divine Betrothal). 

Each book has a blog post that goes with it. I would encourage ladies and young men to read these books. These book are written by an young lady named Sarah Lynn Shade.

I have found each one of these books to be a personal blessing and easy reading.

Bethany Olsen, age twenty-two, desires nothing more than to be happily married. After having faced three heartbreaks, things aren’t looking so good. Realizing she can no longer endure the pain of rejection, Bethany promptly turns her back on courtship and leaves the choice of her mate entirely up to God. Not until she truly learns to put her full faith and trust in God, is Bethany granted the Divine betrothal she has been prayerfully seeking.

Bethany's Betrothal - Click here for the blog post

Unlike her prospering and successful friends, Linda is required to remain at home and serve under her dad's watchful eye until the day her hand is given away in marriage. She feels like such a loser. Who would ever want to marry her? Linda's fears soon subside when she learns that the choice belongs to God and those who lose their life for His sake, find it.
Linda the Loser - Click here for the blog post

Mandy Dixon is already twenty-six and still not spoken for. Her only option in sight is her life-long friend, Clyde Anderson, but Clyde advises her to wait for God’s perfect choice. Mandy wants to trust her friend’s counsel, but who ever heard of Divine betrothal? And did God really have someone special picked out for her from the time she was born? Mandy’s about to find out that a mix-up in her past may hold the key to her future.
Derrick Freeman is going to college to become an accountant, but is college really God's will for him? If not, he could be faced with the possibility of giving up his future, his career, and even the chance to find the right wife. When God's answer comes, Derrick realizes he must make one of the biggest decisions of his entire life.
Derrick's Decision - Click here for the blog post


Sam Hunter is twenty-four and is out to obtain the perfect life. After successfully landing a great job with the electric company and purchasing a brand new house, he feels sure no one will ever discover his carefully guarded secret. But when things start to go wrong, he realizes God isn’t done with him yet. As a last attempt to escape from his past, Sam joins the Marine Corps and becomes bent on ranking sergeant. Not until he learns to make God Sergeant of his life, is Sam able to reap God’s blessings – including the wife God has chosen for him.