Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Abortion and The Gospel

Over and over we hear of the many millions of babies aborted each year because they are not seen as babies, but rather just groups of cells. They are not seen as precious souls, but rather a mistake, "to be easily fixed."

To the medical industry the abortion of a baby is seen as a money making scheme. Costing from $500-$1000 for the first trimester.

Since I trust that most if not all of you reading this blogpost agree that abortion is murder, I wont go into the biblical truths, the physical truths and the emotional. But will rather insert a video that has been changing the hearts and minds of many people.

This has often left me thinking, "how many babies could of been saved if these people would have been informed." If these men and women would have seen what their baby looked like, would they have still aborted their child? If they knew that it had hands and feet and eyes and a brain...would things of changed?

Abortion and the Gospel

Recently this thought came back to me, but in a different way. In the country of India there is a different form of abortion going on. That of "selective breeding". What this means is that men are the preferred gender and if a lady has a baby and the male finds out that it is female they, either abort it, neglect it, or murder it after it is born. Women are seen as a burden, why? because of the expensive dowery they have to pay when they are married.

How many of these abortions could be stopped if this country would turn to Christ. If they would let the gospel of Jesus and His Salvation impact and change them. If they could see that each person (Man, Woman, Boy and Girl) are precious to God, it would change their view of women. Would it cause them to value life over money?

There is a desperate need in countries like this for missionaries who will go and tell the Gospel of Christ, that lives might be changed and that social norms, like selective breeding, would stop. Who knows you might be the one God uses, are you willing?

Millions of Missing Girls

I invite you to watch a video about the millions of missing girls in India.

For a free copy of an excellent book on abortion and how God can restore anyone who has had an abortion. Please contact

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