What is Biblical Betrothal?

Everything on this blog wont apply directly to you, but it is our testimony. It is the way that God chose to bring us together, and we believe that God can do the same work in others.

Samantha and I were not forced to do things this way, we both choose to do it this way. We were not forced by our parents, pastor or church, in fact we were the first couple in our church to ever do it this way. This was a choice we both gladly made.

With the alarming rate of divorce even in Christianity (50%), you have to agree that something is very wrong. We want to present to you what we believe based on the Word of God, our own personal testimony's and the testimony's of so many others.

What is Biblical Betrothal

Please remember that not everyone has the perfect situation, and quite often preachers and teachers will teach using the ideal situation, leaving the rest of us to feel like there is not hope. My life didn't fit this ideal mold, but God used my situation and did a miracle.

 Please understand that Betrothal is not parents "choosing" the mate for their children, but rather parents protecting their children's hearts from the wrong relationships. Often times it can be hard for a young person to discern and distinguish the truth from their feelings. It is a blessing to have parents that love their children so much that they would want to be involved in helping them. Parents often can see clearly the big picture, when teens cannot. In the end it is the lady who has the power to accept or reject any the man. All the parents do is protect the lady's fragile heart from the wrong kind of man. The parents of the men, protect the man from pursuing a relationship, either with the wrong type of girl, or before he is ready. Betrothal is the parents with the helping hand of God discerning what the will of God is.

I'm here to tell you that no matter what your situation, There is hope!

God Bless
Adam and Samantha

We are currently working on this page, but we have received some questions recently asking about Betrothal, so we decided to share some information from another site. I believe this can help start answering your questions.

I found a two links that I would like to share with you.

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